In these series of prototypes, PVC pipes bundle into new structural objects, where textile pieces get stitched together to generate continuous surfaces. Thus the multiple membranes generate compression members to encourage the PVC pipes to stay connected, while the linear structure simultaneously pushes the membranes to maintain their state of tension.

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This produces a symbiotic relationship which results in a stiff architectural element, in which every particle plays an essential role in the global equilibrium, producing an irreducible ecology of different materials.

In the installation for Actiu _ London Clerkenwell Design Week 2015, most of the structural integrity is attributed to the geometrical arrangement of the PVC pipes. The three hanging structures were tested supporting the weight of an average adult. Therefore, proving their strength after the arrangement was completed.

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Programa – Installation – Program

Tamaño – XS – Size

Equipo – Manuel Jiménez García, Roberto García Vélez, Antonio Cantero – Team

Colaboradores –  Alexis Garrido – Collaborators

Patrocinadores ACTIU – Sponsors