The second prototypical scenario is produced by an alteration in the rules of the first one. It conserves all the transition of the circulation and the flexibility of the units of interactions but, the multiplication of a “six by two” grid of units of interactions changes the rhythm of the space.

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When certain conditions are reached the system exceeds the limitations of the number of possible border connections in order to create a larger structure. This “big shell” is configured itself for maintaining a circulation not only within it, but also with the whole system, emerging into a dynamic process of organization.

The pattern of pressure points reach in this case the maximum diversity, regulating the thickness of this concrete structure, and providing it with a formal expression that qualify the space, making it unique.

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Programa – Proto Design – Program

Tamaño – XL – Size

Equipo – Roberto Garcia, Manuel Jimenez, Claudia Ernst, Stella Dourtmes – Team

Colaboradores -Knut Brunier, Aaron Silver, Apostamos Despotidis, Gilles Retsin, Johanna Huang, Jose Cadilhe, Marzieh Birjandian, Michail Desalas, Rodrigo Chain, Salih Topal, Sophia Tang, Vicente Soler – Collaborators