One simple change in the evolution of the system produces a huge change in the spaces that it generates.

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Our first scenario generates the basic rules for all the rest of the prototypical scenarios. It is the one that is realised directly from the steps that we have described until this point, producing the most homogeneous space but, of course, maintaining all the diversity that this simple movement produces.

This setup produces a medium scale space that is able to evolve not only in horizontal but also in vertical. By incorporating the whole notion of generations and connections that we propose above, in our digital and material research, it is time based since it is casted in different stages, and maintaining empty parts of lycra for future connections.

The integrated construction process takes place to generate enclosed space, stitched together with continuous and opened surfaces. These elements form together an evolutionary process in architecture, that emerges from the material to express itself within a spatial form.

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Programa – Proto Design – Program

Tamaño – S – Size

Equipo – Roberto Garcia, Manuel Jimenez, Claudia Ernst, Stella Dourtmes – Team

Colaboradores -Knut Brunier, Aaron Silver, Apostamos Despotidis, Gilles Retsin, Johanna Huang, Jose Cadilhe, Marzieh Birjandian, Michail Desalas, Rodrigo Chain, Salih Topal, Sophia Tang, Vicente Soler – Collaborators