The concept of material self-organization or ‘material agency’ has been discussed in modern science and philosophy in the context of non-linear evolutionary theories. Deleuze and Guattari argue that there are inherent morphogenetic capacities in all areas of life.

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They are challenging Aristoteles’ hylomorphic model claiming that Matter is active and dynamic, possessing self-organizing capacities enabling it to negotiate complex organizational patterns and continuously evolve through the interaction of its internal morphogenetic potentials and external environmental forces.

What is the significance of digital materiality in the design process? We explore this question trying to integrate the setup of both the material and the digital system informing each other, thus creating a ‘circular causality’ between analogue and digital experimentation.

Based on the study of cast plaster in fabric formwork our project investigates a system of formation and spatial configuration informed by material behavior. From the analogue experimentation we derive a set of parameters, such as patterning and connections, to set out a digital model of our material system. The digital simulation enables us to evaluate and refine the structural performance, material distribution and fabrication.

The system is deployed in a network of differentiated spatial organization enabling it to respond to specific programmatic and environmental conditions.

Our aim constitutes the development of a digitally controlled design and fabrication process that introduces the notion of a time-based deployment to a phase changing material that is iteratively evaluated and re-cast.

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Localización– La Albufera, Alicante, Spain –Location

Programa – Proto Design – Program

Tamaño –  XL – Size

Equipo – Roberto Garcia, Manuel Jimenez, Claudia Ernst, Stella Dourtmes –Team

Colaboradores -Knut Brunier, Aaron Silver, Apostamos Despotidis, Gilles Retsin, Johanna Huang, Jose Cadilhe, Marzieh Birjandian, Michail Desalas, Rodrigo Chain, Salih Topal, Sophia Tang, Vicente Soler – Collaborators